School of Science & Engineering, Uttara University

Uttara University (UU) has started its journey in 2003 with the aim at providing international standard engineering education considering the employment prospect in Bangladesh and in international job markets. The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) has designed its course curricula in conformance with the well-reputed foreign universities including those in North America. UU focuses to build up a nationwide skilled manpower or human resource at affordable cost, which can play a critical role for economic and technological development of the country.

B Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

The B.Sc. in EEE (for regular students) is a four-year program whereas B.Sc. in EEE (for diploma holder students) is a three-year program. These programs aim at developing intellectual ability, executive personality and engineering skills of a student through an appropriate blending of Engineering and general education. The program assists the students in acquiring and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully designing technological functions and managing them. The specific objectives of the program are to produce state-of-the-art, self-confident & effective executives for Engineering and other organizations as well as prepare students to pursue higher studies in engineering at home and abroad.

The EEE department offers courses like Electrical circuits, Electronics, Energy conversion, Communication, Computer programming, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Economics, Professional Ethics, Financial & Managerial Accounting, International Relations and various other subjects which are related to develop an efficient electrical engineer. On the basis of major and core courses the university hires renowned and qualified faculty members. A good number of students enjoy waiver based on their previous result.

EEE department of main campus has six (06) labs: Digital Electronics Lab, Electrical Circuits Lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab, Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab. All labs are well equipped with the necessary lab instruments. There are two lab assistants, who are constantly helping the students during the lab time.

Academic Environment

The Department of EEE has an excellent academic environment. All class rooms are fully air-conditioned and equipped with multimedia projectors and other delivery aids. The campus is free from politics. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus. Strict discipline is maintained inside the campus. UU does not compromise with the quality of education and the environmental discipline. Regularity in class attendance and being free from unfair means are – two fundamental requirements for a student to successfully appear at any examinations. The department has its own computer lab. The students are evaluated through one Mid Term and Final examination. The student’s performance is continuously evaluated through class tests and assignments. The faculty members provide adequate counseling to the students particularly, to those who are relatively less meritorious.

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction in the class room is English.

Student Admission Status

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (main campus) started its journey in 2012 with only 30 students in Spring’ 2012 semester. Right now the department has more than 300 students. A general statistics of student admission is given below:

Semister Number of students admitted
Spring’ 2012 30
Summer’ 2012 30
Fall’ 2012 81
Spring’ 2013 101
Summer’ 2013 71

Job Opportunities of UU EEE Graduates

EEE Graduates will have the opportunity to work as an engineer in Power plant, DESCO, PDB, REB, EGCB, PGCB, Energypac, Telecommunication sectors etc or as a faculty member in various universities. Cable industry is another place of job opportunity for electrical engineers. Different companies doing research & development based on semiconductor devices always appreciate electronic engineers. In addition, now-a-days electrical engineers are employed in various government and private banks too.

Employment Status of the UU EEE Graduates:

Since, EEE department (main campus) is a relatively new department; no student of this department has completed his graduation yet. So it is not possible to show their employment status at this point. But considering the current situation of the job market, it is predictable to say that they all will be employed in good job positions.