Department At a Glance

Department At A Glance

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers program leading to the degree of B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE).

The credit hours required for completion of the B.Sc. (EEE) program is 152. The program includes courses from general areas namely English, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Accounting, Mathematics and from Engineering disciplines namely Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Industrial Derives, Control System and Power Systems Engineering as major area and also Computer and Mechanical Engineering as allied Engineering.

The program requires some of the courses as core courses and a few courses as electives for specialization. There are two programs in the department, one conducted during the day and other in the evening. The day program is for the students who have completed SSC & HSC with Science and the evening program is for the students who have completed with Science & Diploma in Engineering.

Why Should I Choose B.Sc. in EEE?

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the most demanding subjects of engineering sector in Bangladesh. Uttara University can provide an EEE student both with theoretical knowledge and lab facilities, which will help him to adjust with future job fields.

Future Opportunities

After completing B.Sc. in EEE, someone can choose his/ her job field in Power sector, Telecommunication Sector or Computer related Sector.

Admission Eligibility

Candidates with minimum GPA of 2.50 in both SSC/Dakhil and HSC/Alim/Diploma from Technical Education Board or minimum GPA of 2.00 in one of those exams with total GPA of 6.00 in both the exams are eligible for admission. The GCE students must have passed five subjects in O-Level and two subjects (Mathematics and Physics) in A-Level.